Green Morning Smoothie, Delicious 100% Vegan Real Fruit Smoothie Mix Containing Natural & Organic Food Ingredients, Rich In Nutrients, Vitamins & Minerals

Easy to prepare: It takes time to mix different kinds of vegetables & fruits and also using a blender to prepare. The good point of this product is that you do not need blender to make it. All you need to do is just to stir a little after adding some water to it. It could be used as a diet meal or a nutritious drink to supplement vegetables.

High Nutrition & Weight Control: Green morning smoothie is prepared at low temperatures to keep delicate nutrients alive which will increase your nutrient intake, your energy level and help you lose or maintain an ideal weight. It combines with the camellia extract powder, psyllium husk, glucomannan to reduce appetite and makes you feel full.

Vitamins and Minerals: Green smoothies provide the vitamins, minerals, healthy carbohydrates and low fat food. Green smoothies provide a rich source of minerals thanks to the dark, leafy greens. Taking natural ingredients in the most optimum form will supply you the maximum amount of nutrition that you expect.

Natural & Organic: 100% nutrient dense contains foods of fruits & vegetables picked when ripe. All of the essential nutrients are abundant including calcium, magnesium and phosphorus. No fillers, chemicals, artificial colors and artificial flavors are added. Organically Certified, Non-Gmo, vegan certified, gluten-free and made without dairy or soy ingredients.

Complete Health Diet: Our green smoothie powder combines 219 kinds of food, 11 kinds of vitamins and many enzymes. These help to improve your immunity & reduce the risk of several diseases, improves skin, weight loss, increase energy, mental clarity, crave less junk & reduce other health complaints.


100% vegan-based protein smoothie is a great tasting, all-in-one vegan-based protein formula. Delicious and packed with nutrients, our Green Morning Smoothie is a quick and easy way to jumpstart your day. Featuring protein from barley grass powder, soy protein, apple, pineapple, grape, cinnamon, citron, carrot and many others our Morning Green Smoothie powder combines 219 kinds of food, 11 kinds of vitamins and many enzymes to help you digest the protein fully to get the most possible nutrition from every serving. This product consists of the purest foods that are free of fillers, additives or preservatives. All ingredients are processed at low temperatures to preserve delicate enzymes and nutrients. We simply enhanced our 100% natural fruit mixes with powerful and functional super foods to deliver the essential daily nutrition nature intended, so you could sustain a smart and healthy lifestyle.

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