Weight Loss Pills, Anti Cellulite, Japanese High Quality New Weight Control Fat Burning Effective Appetite Suppressant - Suppression Of Fat Composition & Promotion Of Decomposition Of Fat Improving High BMI - Functional Food Glavonoid 100, Japan

  • HEALTHY FAT BURNER: helps prevent cellulite. Japanese high quality Functional Food Glavonoid contains antioxidants that help to melt and burn fat. Besides the natural ingredients stimulate the breakdown of fat so it burns off faster!
  • WEIGHT CONTROL: Functional Food Glavonoid Supplement boosts the metabolism and can reduce your appetite which reduces calorie intake. It also cleanses and detoxes for maximum weight loss.
  • CERTIFIED: This latest product is manufactured within registered facilities. Our weight loss dietary supplements are 100% chemical-free, third party tested and certified for your maximum safety.
  • IMPROVE HIGH BMI: This product contains Coenzyme Q10 & Licorice extract containing 3% of glabridin which means it can reduce the increase of body fat and also useful for improving high BMI.
  • ●EFFECTIVE & POTENT: Clinically proven, multi-patented ingredients help to suppress your appetite, control your hunger and get better results as well as prevent the accumulation of harmful substances.

We use only the most pure, most potent and high quality ingredients in our dietary supplements because we want our products to work for you and also we want you to be our customer for life! Functional Food Glavonoid 100 is a unique blend of clinically proven ingredients ensuring you are getting the most out of your weight loss efforts. Our advanced formula offers you - a noticeable boost in energy, focus on increased exercise endurance and optimized metabolism thermogenic fat burning. Besides our product contain Licorice extract having 3% of glabridin. Studies have showed that Licorice extract containing 3% of glabridin can reduce the increase of body fat and is useful for improving high BMI. We are confident you will like this product. Add Functional Food Glavonoid 100 to your cart today and have peace of mind knowing that you are getting the latest and best supplement available on the market.



1 tablet per day, please take with water or lukewarm water





Safflower oil, Gelatin, Licorice Extract containing 3% of glabridin, Coenzyme Q10 (Active Form) / Glyceryn, Beeswax, Caramel Pigment, glycerol fatty acid ester, V.E(derived from soy bean), V.B2, V.B1, V.B6


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