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Bee Venom Acne Cure - A. C. Care
A.C. Care Water Essence



Heal Acne Fast and Naturally

 Bee venom acne cure - Unique bio-technologies!

Using the same core active ingredient as the A.C. Care Cure Serum, the A.C. Care Water Essence adopts an innovative mist method of delivery – for rapid absorption into the skin. The A.C. Care Water Essence works by penetrating into the skin and greatly increases the speed of skin bacteria elimination and inflammatory agent removal – for an even faster acne treatment.

Bee venom (toxin) improves the appearance of troubled skin quickly with its powerful antibacterial and antiinflammatory effects that are 1,000 times greater than that of the first antibiotic drug developed by mankind,

Natural ingredients, such as Royal Jelly and Tea Tree extracts, keep your skin moist and smooth while providing relief.

Containing bee venom (toxin), is patent pending product line which has been made to be a very efficacious functional cosmetic line in treating your festering troubles away.

a. c. care Water Essence is a fine mist-type essence which uses dual package nitrogen- charged container separating the actual essence from the gas, making it much safe and more hygienic to use compared to that of the other type which sprays the crude liquid mixed with LPG gas. The container adopts a method to utilize a “human-friendly” nitrogen, which allows for the usage on troubled skin without experiencing any irritation. With its wide spraying angle and of minute & fine essence particles, it can be used to care for back and/or neck down to better manage skin troubles that are located on hard-to-reach spot(s).

Active Ingredients: Bee venom (from Apis mellifera bee family) and Water in mist form. Volume: 120mL (4.06oz)

Directions: Spray a small amount of the water essence onto any acne-affected area twice a day (morning and night) – daily.

In both morning and evening after cleansing, spray on the desired area(s) in the distance of 6-8” away with a circular motion for about 2 seconds. Then tap lightly with your hands to let the product be absorbed. You can expect a moisturizing effect with the a. c. care water essence alone as it can be used in place of a toner. To see better results, it may be sprayed as needed during the daytime or after make-up since it does not
drip down or create any water droplets.

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